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Life & Tales: Cavers Crescent
  • Added on: October 26, 2013
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Jay P always sought refuge in music, a pretty shy little fella.Despite trying so hard to remain in school, he ended up dropping out at the age of 17 after being suspended for absenteeism and got involved in contraband selling illicit drugs with the motive of making some good money to support P and develop his music.

A self evaluation is the best way to understand your self and what you are going through. Only then will you be able to find an appropriate permanent solution Jay-P

P decided to further his education and get actively involved in entrepreneurship with encouragement to stay out of trouble and work hard to realize his goals and ambitions. P credits his mother for being strict about learning and discipline.

Life & Tales


Some times P felt as though his UNIVERSAL nature was a curse, his realness was many a time mistaken for conceit. "P enjoyed songs like thriller, fantasy and Rush-Rush before i was 7yrs and got hooked to hiphop in the mid-late nineties by the age of 9 appreciating songs like "Carlifornia Love","Big Poppa","Doggy Style","Keep Their Heads Ringin" and "Hard Knock Life" among others which P listened to often on Sanyu fm, Uganda's pioneer fm radio station.Jay-P got involved in musical extravaganza with his peers forming a rap crew they called "the G-Blazers" between 2000 and 2002. "Quotes from Jay-P by Alexander Zee"

Life & Tales

"We used to get together on the street corners to beat box and rap, listen to vintage hip-hop and other music genres, tease each other lyrically and mentally, participating in whatever event took place in the neighbourhood provided we were given an opportunity to perform regardless of whether it was in church or night clubs or small time gigs". At some point, Jay P's little stereo scanner was his best friend because it kept him closer to music and out of trouble as he never wanted his mother to worry about him. Through interactions, discussions,persistent research and practice, he learnt what it takes to be a truly great mc."the God MC".

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